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  • This event is for anyone interested.  5th grade and under should bring grown-ups.
  • We'll leave after church and head for Gatti's Pizza on the Outer Loop.  The cost of their buffet for ages 13 and up is $8.47 (includes tax and soft drink).  For ages 8-12, buffet is $6.35.  For ages 4-7, it's $5.29.
  • Those who go as part of our group will get a significant “I’m with Calvary” discount.  Ride tickets will be six for $10.  A ride ticket may be used for a go-kart session, miniature golf game, bumper boat session, or the JumpShot.
  • We’ll leave Kart Kountry no later than 5 p.m.
  • Teens without grown-ups will be delivered home.
  • Additional cars may be needed if bus is full.
  • Bad weather reschedule:  TBD
  • Prices vary for arcade games, all of which take quarters.  A session in the batting cage is $1 for twelve pitches.

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